The rail plant specialist

N.A.E.F. – Your next station

N.A.E.F. Srl, founded in 2005, is a workshop that deals of project, construction, maintenance and repair of work vehicles and equipment in the railway sector (motorised railway wagons, overhead wiring equipment wagons, locomotives and railway carriages, etc.) but also construction/mechanic (generators, power generators, drilling machines, winches and equipment for general construction equipment).

Our company is also engaged in the rental of machinery and construction equipment, for railway and industrial use.

N.A.E.F. Srl (rent construction and railway equipment) is located in Costa di Mezzate (BG) – Italy, and occupies an area of 2500 m2 of which 1500 meters are covered and used for the production and the stock.

The N.A.E.F. Srl Quality Management System satisfies the requirements of the quality system ISO 9001:2015 for the following fields of activities:

  • Design, manufacturing, maintenance, assistance and periodical review of railway and rail/road vehicles, locomotives and railway components, machinery and special equipment for construction activities.
  • Rental of railway machinery and vehicles.

From 2015 N.A.E.F Srl is certified ISO 3834-2 for EWF and IIW welding system .

Furthermore from 2011 N.A.E.F. Srl has completed the qualification process according to the guidelines RFI for maintenance services of work veichles in OMM-B category (Ordinary and Straordinary Maintenance and Verify).

N.A.E.F. Srl is easily accesible as it is located in proximity to the main airports and hightways in the northern Italy.

Naef's policy for quality

Technical office

The N.A.E.F. activities cannot do without from its internal technical department.

Thanks to a team of qualified engineers and technicians, N.A.E.F. It is able to satisfy all of its customers’ requests starting with the development of the idea, through the actual project, until to the finished product. The technical department can avail of the constantly support of 2D-3D CAD software and systems for structural analysis finite element method (FEM).

The activities carried out by the technical N.A.E.F. They are mainly the following:

  • Project of railway work vehicles and construction equipment;
  • Structural Finite Element Method (FEM);
  • Study and development of revamping;
  • Customer support before, during and after the realization of the product;
  • Management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and revamping of vehicles;
  • Adaptation of maintenance plans and manuals MUM;
  • Renovation / makeover manual and its annexes with reliefs also in the yard;
  • Integrated management system ISO 9001: 2015.